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16/05/2011 21:20 - geplaatst door Marcel Dirks

Verdedigende wereldkampioene en huidig leidster in de WK stand Steffi Laier zal aankomend weekend een uitstapje maken naar de Amerikaanse Nationals. De Duitse die buiten twee wereldtitels ook drie "AMA Women Motocross" titels heeft gaat dus terug even kijken naar waar ze ooit haar eerste grote triomf behaalde.

Thor voor de officiële tekst van haar website.

We have very good news to announce! Steffi will ride the USA National motocross race in Hangtown. This event will happen 21-22 mai.

It has always been a dream for Steffi to ride in the USA and it was one of the goals in the 2011 season. Hangtown is very fast and beautifull track. She already showed her riding there a couple of years a go with a win! Let’s hope we can keep this going in the sunnig California. Steffi will ride the Red Bull Teka KTM  factory bike with nr. 55!

Steffi Laier:

“ It was a big dream from me to go back to the US and see how the level of racing is there at the moment. I am looking so forward to ride... I will give the maximum to make to KTM family proud because they worked hard to help me in this! I already did ride in Hangtown a couple of years a go. It is a very very fast track that we are not used to have in Europe so it is very difficult to prepare for that, but we did good practice to get ready. This week we leave and do some testing on US tracks before the event so we can go 100% for it!"

Willy Van Thillo - Team Manager

“ This year is a very difficult year in the race of the Women World Championship. We don’t know what to expect, there are a lot of speculations but not really hard facts at the moment. I believe that Youthstream (Motocross Promotor) is doing her best to keep the level of racing high; also in this championship. I just wanted to give Steffi a drive to work to and this was very nice to work out for her! I want to thank the complete KTM Factory family and Roger De Coster for there efforts in this project! We will do all our best to make them proud! Also a big thanks to Mxsports Pro Racing.”