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23/03/2011 15:53 - geplaatst door Marcel Dirks

De aandachtige toeschouwer in Gemert had het waarschijnlijk al opgemerkt dat Antti Pyrhönen terug was op Europese bodem en nu blijkt dat hij zal deelnemen aan het vernieuwde wereldkampioenschap MX3. Thor voor meer.

Pyrhönen zal het wereldkampioenschap mx3 betwisten voor het Sinisalo-Battery team. Het team zal in België hun basis hebben en zal werken met de mecanicien Jussi. Interview Antti Pyrhönen – Engels: How did the races in Holland go? “Well two times a tenth position may not look so impressive but at these races there is little to win and a lot to lose so one needs to be careful at the beginning of the season. There were many top Grand Prix riders in both events and also the local Dutch guys all are experts in deep heavy sand tracks.” “We make constant progress on all areas where it matters like the bike and my own physical and mental condition. When I had that terrible accident end 2009 it happened in the start of a race so these 4 motos that are now behind me have given me more self-confidence.”
“In Gemert I made bad starts but in Halle, the second event, I did much better. I was up front in the second start so that was good to know that I still have it in me. In training the bike did not work like I wanted it so we worked all day and made progress. I had a bit of arm pump which means the muscles cramp up but it was not like in the past years. The time and small races in Chile surely have made a difference and there we are one step ahead of previous season starts.” What’s next on the agenda? “”Well the first MX3 race will be in Megalopolis in Greece 16-17th April so all our input and many hours of hard work are focused on that race. This coming Sunday I will do a local race with lots of local riders in Lommel (Belgium) and then the preparations will begin to get ready for hard tracks.” “These deep sand tracks are so special and much different from most of the tracks in the World Championship. I have been away from this highest level quite a long time so it can only be done in steps and we make steps all the time.” “I work on body and mind and together with Jussi we work on the bike. Jussi puts in a lot of hard work and I hope to pay him back with good results. And the same for my loyal sponsors as well, in Finland, Europe and Chile!”