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05/02/2019 10:12 - geplaatst door Stingray

Dit keer verzorgt kersverse YAMAHA JWR-rijder Kevin Strijbos zelf zijn PR. Op FB postte hij een impressie van zijn verblijf in de USA. Het werd een cross-stage plus.

" Few pics from the last 3 weeks when I was in US. Had a great time and I really love it here. But also happy to get back to my girl and son! Riding is going OK for the moment. Elbow is still a bit painfull but I made the best of my stay here. Rode a stock bike here and I like the Yamaha a lot the way it handles and how the power is coming. Looking forward to start testing with the team when im back in Europe. There are a lot of people I need to thank to make this trip possible and all the help I got here from friends was amazing." 

Alle foto's komen van de FB-pagina van Kevin.

De collage onder Thor.