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09/09/2020 19:15 - geplaatst door Stingray

Dirk Gruebel lanceerde enkele uren na afloop van de tweede wedstrijd in Faenza het officiële bericht over Jeffrey Herlings. We geven het onverkort mee in het Engels, kwestie van geen flaters te slaan b ij de vertaling.

Dirk Gruebel, KTM Team Manager: “Jeffrey went down on the fourth lap of Free Practice and hit his head quite hard. He regained feeling in his arms and legs pretty quickly but still went to Bologna for full body scans. We have yet to see the results, but he has been released from hospital. We’re talking about a pretty big compression of the neck, vertebrae and a hematoma of the shoulder. He’ll get back to Belgium tomorrow for some more examinations and hopefully it is not that dramatic. It will take a couple of weeks to recover but we cannot give an exact date right now."